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Meeting Room Architecture Design

Interiors Feb 09 Share

Creating Chilled Modern Interiors Under 50 Square Meters.Every space has a unique character and identity.

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Our team bring together the full knowledge of materials and technical experience, to create innovative and workable interiors.

Interior Design Consultancy

Interiors Jan 26 Share

We have developed a business which is born from the determination to be the best, to deliver the best, with no compromises.

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Events Jan 02 Share

 It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience,  devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. It involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and executing events such as wedding, musical concerts, corporate seminars, exhibitions, birthday celebrations, theme parties, etc. Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry, growing rapidly, with events hosted regularly. Surprisingly, there is no formalized research conducted to access the growth of this industry.

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